Watch this Webinar recording: Utilising Drones for Surveying

Duration: 55 mins

Drones are revolutionising the way surveyors gather data, making day-to-day operations faster, safer and more cost-effective when compared to traditional surveying methods. Despite these benefits, many businesses are unsure of what is needed to get started and how to integrate drones into their current workflow. During this free webinar, James Pick, COPTRZ UAV Strategist will discuss the subject in more detail and give you an insight into how you can capitalise on the use of drone technology.


What You Will Learn:

  • The principles of Photogrammetry and how to maintain accuracy. 
  • The possibilities and deliverables of using drones over traditional surveying methods. 
  • How you flight plan and achieve survey-grade results
  • Aerial photogrammetry or LiDAR. Which one should you choose?
  • Industry Observations and more...



About James Pick

As a COPTRZ UAV Strategist, James works closely with businesses to enable them to benefit from the use of drones in surveying and mapping. Prior to working in the UAV industry, James worked as a Dimensional Control Surveyor and holds a degree in Surveying and Mapping Science, Geomatics from the University of Newcastle.


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