Professional UAV Imagery Masterclass

With Jonathan Sharp of Sky Drone 


🎬. Part One: FREE Webinar    

📅  Tuesday 9th June   

🕒 10:00 - 13:00 (GMT)


Plan, capture and sell amazing UAV imagery to grow your business


Let's paint a picture. You've bought a drone and you've been taking aerial photographs, maybe you've even taken the step to start working as a Commercial UAV Photographer and had some success. Perhaps you've stalled as a business and are wondering how you can cut above the competition and win those big contracts.  

How would you like to spend three hours with an award-winning Drone Photographer who has over 10 years experience in the photography and film industry? And what if I told you this three-hour masterclass was completely FREE? It's a no brainer right? 

On Tuesday 9th June Jonathan Sharp will be hosting a Professional UAV imagery Masterclass to share his knowledge of the aerial photography industry and fast-track your skillset to improve the quality of your work. 

Don't believe us... what have you got to lose? There's just one thing, we only have a limited number of spaces. If you don't want to miss out on this exclusive FREE learning opportunity then sign-up below. 


What we'll be covering


  • Drones - markets and applications (standards for industry types etc. too)
  • Cameras (standards for industry types etc. too)
  • Lenses (standards for industry types etc. too)
  • Other hardware (HDD’s, solid-state media, PC’s, etc.)
  • The best software to use 
  • Introduction to how light works with tech (exposure etc.) light meter app
  • Auto vs Manual (benefits of having control) webcam interaction.
  • ISO/GAIN, shutter speeds, Aperture etc.
  • White balance
  • Depth of Field
  • Explanation of typical interfaces
  • Spot metering, zebra, Histograms etc.
  • Framerates, formats
  • Introduction to post-production hardware & software, codecs etc. 
  • Material organisation, transcoding and delivery
  • An introduction to part 2 of the Filming & Photography Course


Meet your expert trainer



Jonathan Sharp

Owner at Sky Drone 


Jonathan has been a videographer and photographer for over 10 years. He now runs an aerial film and photography business and has worked on various projects including TV adverts, short films and promotional videos for a wide range of industries. He has flown many different types of drones from FPV style cine drones to large octocopters with high-end camera systems. His go-to drone is a DJI Inspire 2 with an X5 or X7 camera. 

Watch video for an example of Johnathan's work for clients, head here to see more examples: 




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