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Drone Survey Accuracy Report

DJI Phantom 4 RTK

The DJI Phantom 4 RTK is the latest in the line of aerial surveying technology from DJI, designed to provide highly accurate data for aerial 3D mapping. Prior to the official launch of the Phantom 4 RTK, Geocurve, the UK-based specialist surveyors, embarked on a two-day testing period to assess its accuracy alongside manufacturer statements. Download the full report to find out more about the levels of accuracy that were achieved with the Phantom 4 RTK.

This report will show you:

  • The survey-grade accuracy statistics that were achieved with the Phantom 4 RTK alongside the Smart Rover (using Leica SmartNet) and Propeller AeroPoints.
  • How the acquired accuracy matches up to what DJI has stated during the launch.
  • How you can replicate the same setup to improve your aerial surveying efficiency.
  • Geocurve's unbiased opinion of the new DJI Phantom 4 RTK surveying drone.


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