ELCAS and UAV opportunities for leaving personnel

Recorded Webinar from January 2020

Duration: 32 mins       

Take advantage of your ELCAS funds and develop your career in the UAV industry. COPTRZ are the first and only drone training provider to attain ELCAS Approved Learning Provider status, offering serving, leaving and ex-servicemen the best and most cost-effective pathway to becoming a commercial drone pilot. 

Find out everything you need to know about training as a drone pilot with COPTRZ on this short webinar with COPTRZ' Andrew Robinson. 

Topics covered:

  • A look at the current marketplace
  • What ELCAS funded drone training is available
  • How ELCAS credits work and the application process
  • The benefits of choosing COPTRZ as your drone training partner
  • Recorded Q&A with Andrew Robinson 


Who should watch this webinar?

  • Anyone serving in the forces currently and planning for their retirement
  • Anyone is has left the forces and looking for new exciting career opportunities.


Who are Coptrz?

We are Commercial Drone Experts that specialise in developing and implementing drone strategies for Public Safety, Industrial Inspection and Surveying organisations.

We provide the full solution including training, drones and equipment, software and technical support and have supported over 1,000 organisations take to the skies with confidence.