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George Burne

UAV Strategist, COPTRZ

Free Webinar

Utilities Sector: Harnessing the Power of Drones

The emergence of drone technology has enabled some of the largest utility companies to streamline their business operations and improve the overall safety of their workforce. Once seen as a hobbyist toy, drones have rapidly evolved into commercial workhorses capable of carrying out complex tasks such as digester inspections, tower inspections and gas monitoring. 


During this 30 minute webinar, George Burne, UAV Strategist at COPTRZ, will discuss how you can utilise drone technology to provide safer, fast and more cost-effective operations.

Recorded Online

What You'll Learn:

  • How utility companies are currently using drones for complex tasks such as digester inspections, tower inspections and gas monitoring
  • How drones compare to traditional methods of inspection.
  • The typical costs you can expect to save by implementing a drone strategy.
  • Why it's vital to become CAA approved and how you can access the specialist training that you require.
  • The quality of the data you can expect to achieve from the use of drones.



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