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Jamie Cording

UAV Strategist, COPTRZ

Webinar Recording

Build Your Own Drone Business

The commercial drone industry is growing at a rapid rate as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology improves. As a result, there is a growing demand for skilled, CAA approved drone pilots. 

Join Jamie Cording, UAV Strategist at COPTRZ as he talks through the opportunities for commercial drone pilots and what it takes to start your own drone business, even if you don't have any previous experience with drones. 

Recorded Online

What You'll Learn:

  • Current UK drone market trends for 2019
  • Where you should focus your drone business?
  • How and why you need to become CAA approved.
  • What's included in your CAA training course.
  • Where to find your first customers.
  • Making your drone business a success.


About Jamie Cording

As a UAV Strategist, Jamie works closely with aspiring drone operators who are looking to become CAA approved and get their drone business off the ground.





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