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Detecting Drone Threats at Airports


With the increased number of drones in the skies, comes the added risk of disruption. According to Airprox, over a two-year period, there has been a 168% increase in drone and plane near misses. Drones are becoming a huge safety concern to security personnel at airports, however, they remain perilous to the threat without effective detection methods. There are a number of factors to take into account when deploying drone detection and this guide aims to give you an overview of the solutions available to protect your airport.



This eBook will show you:


  • Recent statistics showing the rapid increase in drone and plane near misses over the past 8 years
  • The latest laws that are due to come into effect that will impact drone use around airports 
  • How various types of drone detection work
  • The current drones on the market that pose a real threat to your airport
  • The data that drone detection systems can provide your security teams to help react to incoming drone threats
  • What to look for in your drone detection system
  • How drone detection systems can be integrated into your current security protocols