WEBINAR: How to build a successful Drone Business and what to expect with Jamie Cording


Saturday 14th November 10:00 - 11:00 (BST)   Limited places available


Join Jamie Cording UAV Strategist for Coptrz and learn How to build a successful Drone Business. Jamie will guide you through the steps required to complete your drone training, hardware options for specific industries, post course training to enhance your skill-set and stand out from the competition and how to find work once your training is complete. 


Meet Jamie 


"Hi, I'm Jamie and I'm a UAV Strategist for Coptrz, I spend my time helping thousands of drone pilots just like you to get their drone businesses off the ground. If you're wondering what training you'll need, what drone will be suit you best, which sectors you can work in or when is the best to time to take the leap then this webinar is for you!"

Jamie Cording, COPTRZ UAV Strategist 



What you'll find out on the webinar:


• Breakdown of a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations), GVC and CofC

• What sectors you can access as a drone operator 

• Drone options perfect for beginners to advanced pilots

• Post course training and education to enhance your capabilities

• Jamie's top tips on how to drive your business to success 

• How to find work as a drone operator and best practice

• At the end I'll run a live Q&A where you can ask me anything


Who should attend?


You're an individual interested in starting your own drone business but you need some more information before you take the leap into starting a training course. You also want to find out a bit more about the type of work you could access following your training.

Here are just a few industries that Coptrz Drone Pilots are working in following taking a training course with Coptrz:

• Asset Monitoring   

• Industrial Inspection   

• Marketing, photography and videography

 • Surveying and construction

 • Search and Rescue   

• Not for profit work 

 • Conservation and Research   

• Public Safety

 • Confined space inspection   

• Exploration and Research   

• Energy



Who are Coptrz?


We are Commercial Drone Experts that specialise in developing and implementing drone strategies for Public Safety, Industrial Inspection and Surveying organisations.

We provide the full solution including training, drones and equipment, software and technical support and have supported over 1,000 organisations take to the skies with confidence.